The Measure Window

Description of the elements of the Measure window. 

The Measure window consists of seven main areas:


  1. The Drawing Area – The grid that fills most of the Measure window. The drawing area is where you can draw and edit your floor plan.

  1. The Ribbon – The tools available in Measure are located in the Ribbon displayed near the top of the Measure window. The Ribbon is grouped by tabs at the top (Home, Room, Trace). Click on a tab to use the tools available under that tab.

<<Ribbon highlighted screenshot>>

  1. Backstage View (File Tab) – Backstage View, located under the File tab in the Ribbon, allows you to perform operations on your entire Measure project or to change settings for Measure. It allows you to start a new estimate, open or save an existing estimate, and print reports, as well as changing the settings for your estimate or for Measure itself.

<<File tab highlighted screenshot>>

  1. The Quick Access Toolbar – Your favorite Measure tools can be placed in this toolbar, providing you with easy and constant access to those tools.

<<QAT highlighted screenshot>>

  1. The Explorer – The Explorer provides a constantly updated summary of your estimate.

<<Explorer highlighted screenshot>>

  1. Sheets and Scenarios – The Sheets feature allows you to divide your estimate into multiple sheets or pages. Clicking on one of the Sheets tabs near the bottom of the Measure window allows you to view the portion of your estimate you have drawn on that Sheet.

<<Sheets and Scenarios highlighted screenshot>>

  1. The Status Bar –The Status Bar displays messages and provides constant access to Explorer layout buttons.

<<Status Bar highlighted>>



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