Installing Measure 2014

Have you planned for this installation? Please read these instructions carefully.

Thank you for subscribing to Measure 2014! Follow the steps below to download, install, and learn to use Measure.

If you require RFMS to install Measure for you, it can be done at a rate of $75 per hour, and a minimum charge of $75. Please e-mail to schedule an apointment if assistance is required. Please include your company name and phone number in the e-mail.

Installation & Administration Videos


1. New 2014 Release Notes - Required Reading


2. Verify that your computer meets the system requirements for Measure

Measure 2014 System Requirements

Also, your user account must have Administrative rights on your computer. Installation will fail if your account is not a full administrator on your machine.


3. Download the latest Measure 2014 setup file

Download the Measure setup file below. Save this file to your hard drive. In order to easily find the setup file after downloading it, you may want to save it to your Desktop.

Measure 2014.2.2434 Setup (143 MB)


4. Install Measure on your computer

Double-click on the update_2434.exe installation file that was downloaded to your hard drive and follow the prompts in the installation wizard to install Measure. After installing Measure, it will be ready for use on your computer.


5. Log in to Measure


6. Learn to use Measure


7. Problem installing Measure?

Sending an email to is the quickest means to receiving help with installing Measure.

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