Punch outs

Beginning in Measure 2013.4 doors and window transitions can optionally create a corresponding punch out hole in surrounding walls.

  • The punch out will only be created in flaps which have the "toward" bend type.  Any subsequent flaps in the stack must have a bend type of "flat".
  • This feature only applies to doors and windows.
  • Windows permit both a height and distance from the floor.
  • The punch out hole will follow the transition if moved.
  • This special hole is under the control of the transition and cannot be directly modified.  Its sides cannot have additional flaps or products attached.  If you would like to perform these operations with a hole created in this way, it can be converted into a regular hole by right clicking the transition and choosing "Detach Hole":

Product Extends through Doorways

This features allows you to extend the material through doorways a few inches to account for the thickness of the wall.  This feature only works with roll material types. 

To enable this feature you must specify the amount of material you wish to extend through the doorway. This is done in the Seams and Cutsgroup, on the Estimating Tab, in Measure Options.

When enabled, any transition (which is not a window) will have material extended through the transition by the specified amount.


Individual transitions can be excluded from this feature by unchecking the Product extends through checkbox on the Transition Editor.  This box is checked on by default. This box is disabled for window type transitions.

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